Coaching Package

My dream is to work with other freelancers on specific problems – how to negotiate with your new client, figuring out why you’re not getting the responses you want when you cold email, leaving niche A in the dust for niche B. (Here’s more about why I work with writers.)

Since my coaching sessions are geared toward you specifically, my 3-session bundle doesn’t follow a strict blueprint.


The Problem: You have a packed schedule, but you need to somehow cram in more work because your budget is outweighing your income.

  • First, I’ll send you an intake form to learn more about what’s going on and your goals. Then, we can hop on a short consultation if you’d like (15 minutes or so) to see if we have chemistry – I’m guessing we will, you charmer you.

  • Session 1 will cover why your schedule is so jam packed and what we can do about that right now. We’ll talk about what you’d like to be doing even if it seems impossible at the moment.

  • Session 2 will cover tips for finding better jobs and applying for them in a way that will encourage a response. We can look at specific jobs, go over best practices and even put together a template you can customize for each one.

  • Session 3 will cover cold emailing tactics, including what’s worked for me (my fave clients were snagged this way) and how to find the companies to reach out to.

Here’s the process:

  • I’ll send you a short intake form to fill out. If you’d like, we can set up a virtual face-to-face consultation. 

  • If you’d like to move forward, we’ll square away payment (more on that in a sec) and choose our first session date and time.

  • I’ll send you a brief overview of what we’ll cover in each session, similar to what I have in the example above. Our convos may organically veer from this – totally fine.

  • And most importantly, you’ll walk away from our sessions with actionable advice. 

Let’s talk money.

I offer a 3-session package, one hour per session, for $300. As for the number of goals you may smash? A zillion.

Interested in seeing if we’re a good fit? Ready to go go go? Get in touch with me at