The Small Print

Hey New Client, Old Client, I’m-Thrilled-to-Work-with-You Client:

There’s a lot that goes into onboarding or re-onboarding or maintaining the client-writer relationship, and since I don’t want either of us to end up hazy about the details, this is where you’ll find information about the business side of things.

If the wording here seems a bit cold, it’s simply for the sake of clarity. Business and legal information is more straightforward when it’s…well, straightforward.

If you have any questions or if something here doesn’t square with your expectations, needs or wants, please let me know – we may be able to work something out (or at least part on good conditions).


Projects are priced on a case-by-case basis. It’s possible that Project A will be priced differently from Project B, even if they seem like they should be priced equally. This may happen if I find that Project A took longer than I expected it to, if the client has more in-depth needs than I originally planned for, etc.


My rate starts at 15 cents per word. Some projects will be given a flat rate instead of a per word rate.

Rate Increases

My rates go up approximately 1 to 2 times per year, but some years they don’t increase at all. Price increases will not affect projects that are in process or rates that have been agreed upon for a predetermined project or amount of time.

Invoicing and Payments

PayPal Invoices

Invoices will be sent via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay an invoice, just a credit or debit card. If you have a PayPal account, you’ll have the option of paying with your balance or connected bank account.


Payments must be received in full before the project is to begin. Aside from initial and necessary discussions about the scope of the project, all other communication about the project can begin once payment is received.

Payment Due Date

Invoices that are not paid within 5 business days will be automatically canceled, unless a different invoice due date has been discussed. Pricing on canceled invoices does not guarantee the same pricing on future invoices for the same project.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery Schedule

Project delivery will be in 7 business days from the receipt of payment and all necessary information pertaining to the project, unless another deadline has been agreed upon.

Project Delivery Format

Projects will be delivered via Google Drive. Documents will be given view and comment permission only. Permission to copy, download and/or edit the project will only be given once the project is paid for and accepted in full, which includes finalized revisions.

Project Acceptance

After a total of 10 business days, whether or not revisions have been requested, no further revisions will be made and the project will be considered accepted in full.


Projects come with two rounds of revisions.

A “round of revisions” refers to the complete set of revisions. This means that revisions requests should not dribble in within that first week, but should be made at one time in bulk. If revision requests come in piecemeal, they’ll be considered separately and go toward the two total rounds of revisions.

Revision Requests

Revision requests should be made via the comment tool on Google Drive.

Revision Request Deadline

The first round of revision requests must be made within 7 business days from when the project is delivered. The second round of revision requests must be made within 3 business days from when the first round of revisions are delivered.

After a total of 10 business days, whether or not revisions have been requested, no further revisions will be made and the project will be considered accepted in full.

Unacceptable Revision Requests

Revisions cannot fall outside the scope of the project, which includes deciding that you want more or less than was originally agreed upon in terms of content, information, word count, etc.

Copy that is directly changed, edited or revised by the client will not be considered for further revisions and will not be copyedited or proofread.

Copy that is directly deleted by the client but that was within the scope of the project will not be refunded.


Kill Fee

50% of the total fee will serve as a non-refundable “Kill Fee” for portions of the work completed but not accepted.

“Change of Mind” Refunds

Full refunds for “change of mind” situations are not offered; in a “change of mind” situation, Client can either accept a 50% Kill Fee refund or keep full amount paid on credit for one year.


If a refund of any size is given, the work will remain the property of Lindsay Pietroluongo and cannot be used in any way by the client.