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“I found it super helpful to hear that I wasn’t alone in my experience. You gave insightful advice and helped me get perspective when I was feeling low.” – Linda D.

“It was so helpful to talk through my questions with you and to hear your take on what I can offer clients. It is really transforming the way I think about my work. I feel like I have tactical next steps around sending cold pitches and building up my business.” – Kalin S.

“I was so impressed by Lindsay. She asked me a ton of questions, many of them deeply thoughtful. She kept track of what I responded, and then, item by item, provided her insights and her advice. Lindsay also gave context to why my business was going well (or could be doing better). I felt more confident about my offerings and received a little bit of encouragement that I hadn’t been able to find anywhere else.” – Orchid C.

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