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I feel a strong pull to mentor other freelancers, as well as to work with brands and entrepreneurs who are looking for a personalized approach. While my clients are adept at what they do, they’re also wise enough to know what they’re not great at. That’s where I come in.

I stand for quality writing that engages without wasting time. Most importantly, I believe in perpetual growth; in trying, failing, learning and trying again; and in sharing my experiences with people who have trouble finding guidance elsewhere.

My first book was published at the age of 10. It’s no longer being distributed at Nassau Elementary School, but if you ever run into a graduate who roamed the halls in 1993, ask them if they still have their copy. I’m sure they will.

After four years of braces, one underwhelming role in a school play, an unfulfilled desire to be a varsity cheerleader, two very annoying college roommates and an entire semester attempting to learn Medieval English, I graduated from Marist College in 2006 with a writing degree.

Today, I’m a full-time freelance writer and copyeditor. More importantly, I did not become a librarian, not that there’s anything wrong with librarians, and I’m not a starving artist. Those clarifications are for everyone who stifled a laugh when they asked, “So, umm, what can you do with a writing degree?”

If we’re gonna be friends, you should know that I re-heat my coffee as many times as it takes to burn my tongue, I only watch horror movies through my fingers and I seriously dislike elephants, although I wish them all the best.