If you’re here, it’s probably because you received my email about how my business coaching services have changed over the years.

However, if you stumbled upon this blog post another way, I’ll get you up to speed in one sentence:

I’ve decided to no longer charge for one-on-one business coaching services.

Here’s How I Got Here

💰 I started out by charging for coaching, as most coaches do.

🆓 Then, I decided to offer phone-based coaching for free so I could help more freelancers who were struggling.

💰I then had to start charging once again because it was getting difficult to attract only serious freelancers.

↘️ And then I lowered my coaching costs to try to balance it all — remain affordable for freelancers on a limited budget while weeding out people I didn’t feel I could help.

What I couldn’t ignore was that every single time I decided to charge for coaching, my energy plummeted. I lost interest in connecting with freelancers. I wrote long lists of work to-dos instead of actually to-do-ing. 

If I lived on the West Coast instead of in New York, I’d say that my mind-body connection energy vibrations were all out of whack or something.

On the East Coast, though, we keep it simple: I was doing something I didn’t want to do, and now I’ve stopped.

🙌 I made the decision to listen to myself instead of every marketing coach on the planet and give away my advice for free. Because I want to.

I apologize for the back-and-forth I’ve gone through as I’ve worked this out. My social platforms, website and emails have been updated with every change I made in an effort to not be misleading, but that was during a time when I was still figuring it out myself. 

Your Next Step: Get In Touch

To make it as flexible as possible, 1:1 coaching will take place via email.

Write me at lindsaypietro@gmail.com at any time, for anything freelance-related. You can also ping me on Google Chat.

I can’t wait to hear from you,

– Lindsay